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ECOTOUR We will begin this magical adventure with a short trip approximately 1 hour away from Bahías de Huatulco, where Ventanilla, a Protected Natural Reserve,… Read More »Ecotour

Sunset Trip

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SUNSET TRIP On the sunset tour we will enjoy a romantic afternoon and appreciate an incredible sunset in the Pacific Ocean. We will sail along… Read More »Sunset Trip

Waterfall Tour

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WATERFALL TOUR After a pleasant 50-minute journey, we arrive at the “Prehispanic Probete”, a fascinating place where you can delight in the local flavors. Here… Read More »Waterfall Tour

Snorkel Express

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SNORKEL EXPRESS We will explore an unforgettable Snorkeling adventure on the crystalline and clean beaches of Huatulco, since this paradisiacal destination has Earth Check certification… Read More »Snorkel Express