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At 07:00 a.m., pick up at Hotel Barceló Reforma. We leave for the Sierra Norte de Puebla where we will visit the Quetzalapan waterfall, this waterfall is fed by the Quetzalapan River that comes from the Chignahuapan Lagoon. In 1930 a hydroelectric plant was founded here that served as a source of energy for the surrounding towns such as Chignahuapan, Zacatlán, and Aquixtla. You can still see the remains of the constructions that were on this site.

A curious fact is that to reach the fall of the waterfalls it is necessary to descend 365 stone steps and the inhabitants of the area comment that one was placed for each day of the year. Free time to enjoy this natural place and take pictures.

Later, we will visit the Magical Town of Zacatlán, where we will visit the fruit wine factory, they will explain the elaboration process and you will be able to taste them.

We will visit the Zacatlán tile and glass mural, unique in Mexico; Composed of thousands of pieces of glass, Talavera, and mirrors, the mural draws 12 large mosaics in the shape of an apple, and in each of them symbols that characterize Zacatlán and that have contributed to the greatness of its town are shown. Enjoy a view from the Mirador de Cristal. Also, take a photo at the Floral Clock, which is undoubtedly an emblem of Zacatlán that you cannot miss.

At 18:00, return to Mexico City. End of services.

Minimum: 02 Pax.

Inclusions: Transportation from Mexico City, driver in Spanish, visit Quetzalapan Waterfall, visit the Zacatlán Mural, visit the Zacatlán Refreshment Factory, visit the Mirador, visit the Zacatlán Floral Clock, visit the Sphere Factory, visit Chignahuapan.

Exclusions: Admission to Cascada de Quetzalapan ($7 usd approx) , tips.

Schedule: 07:00 – 21:00 hrs.

Approx duration: 14 hrs.