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At 08:45hrs from our Meeting Point (located in Avenida de la República 154 in front of Julio Jimenez Rueda Theatre), we will depart with our destination to Tula in the State of Hidalgo, one of the most important archaeological sites in Mexico founded by the Toltecs (pre-Aztecs). The main attraction of the site is the worldwide famous “Atlantes” of 4.8 meter high (14.7 feet) made of basaltic rock, which guards the top of the Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli or “Morning Star” (from native language) Temple. The place is conformed of a series of buildings with deep religious symbolism, such as the Central Altar, the Coatepantli or Wall of Serpents, the Burned Palace, the Ball game court, and the Tzompantli. Tula is the most important site of the Toltec culture, and it is considered as a place that exerted a great influence on the Aztecs and Mayan cities such as Chichen-Itza.

 After Tula, we will continue to the Magical Town of Tepotzotlan in the State of Mexico, where the majestic National Museum of the Viceroyalty and the Temple of San Francisco Javier are located inside a Franciscan monastery declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, due to its magnificent decoration of gold leaf, presenting in its complex decorative details that make them a masterpiece of baroque art. Later we will take a panoramic tour of the Archaeological Zone of Tenayuca, which is believed to have been founded by the Chichimecas of Xolotl in 1250. A feature that distinguishes the Tenayuca ceremonial center is its Main Temple; its extraordinary pyramidal base of staggered bodies characteristic of the religious architecture of the Late Postclassic period.

Minimum: 02 Pax.

Operation: 4

Inclusions: Transportation from Mexico City, Professional bilingual guide in English / Spanish, Visit of the Archaeological site of Tula (entrance fee included), Visit of Tepotzotlan and the Museum of the Viceroyalty (entrance fee included)

Exclusions: Lunch (optional), drinks, tips

Schedule: 09:00 – 19:00 hrs.

Approx duration:  10 hrs.