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Keep us in mind when planning your event. We invite you to form part of this new experience of personalized attention and services that meet your demands. Compromised with the tourist excellence and being in vanguard in our field, we offer you the latest models of vans, maxi vans, cars and buses (Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Volvo, Strada, Viaggio and Busscar). We also have offices and transportation in Cancun.


Our Lincon, Marquis and Sedan have security belts, audio stereo and air conditioning, driven by bilingual and professional staff.


7,11 and 14 seat vans and maxi-vans with a compartment for luggage or 14 seats without it. Panoramic windows, microphone, security belts, audio stereo and air conditioning. We have tows and baskets for the luggage too.



Both Marco Polo and Volvo are driven by the highest quality bilingual staff. 40 seats with bathroom or 45 seats without bathroom, air conditioned, leany seats, panoramic view, curtains, 2 screens, VHS, audio microphone and individual lights to reading. Box lunch, beverages, and bilingual hostess are optional services.