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Pick up at 07:00 hrs, at the Hotel Barceló Reforma to leave Mexico City.

We leave for the Sierra Norte de Puebla where we will immerse ourselves in the wonderful Magical Town of Zacatlán where we will visit the fruit wine factory, they will explain the production process and you will be able to taste them. We will visit the mural of tiles and glass of Zacatlán, unique in Mexico, made up of thousands of pieces of glass, Talavera, and mirrors, the mural draws 12 large mosaics in the shape of an apple, and in each of them, symbols that characterize Zacatlán are shown. Zacatlán and who have contributed to the greatness of their people. Enjoy a view from the Mirador de Cristal. Also, take a photo at the Floral Clock, which is undoubtedly an emblem of Zacatlán that you cannot miss. 

We continue to Chignahuapan famous for the manufacture of Christmas spheres. We will visit a sphere factory, where for decades they have been made of blown glass and painted by hand. They will tell us about the process of making these handicrafts, which have come to the Vatican to decorate the Chapel of Saint Peter in Italy. Have you ever imagined knowing how the spheres were made? The time has come to do it!

We move to the center of Chignahuapan for free time. On this site is the Basilica of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, inside it houses the image carved in wood with a height of 12 meters and is considered the largest religious sculpture in Latin America under the roof. Another picturesque attraction is the Kiosco Morisco which adorns the main square. At 18:00, return to Mexico City, arrival around 21:30 hrs.

Minimum: 2 Pax

Inclusions: Round transportation from Mexico City, tour driver, visit Chignahuapan, visit the sphere factory, visit the Floral Clock in Zacatlán, visit the Soft Drinks factory in Zacatlán, visit the Zacatlán Mural, visit the Mirador Conception.

Exclusions: Tips.

Schedule: 07:00 – 21:30 hrs.

Approx duration: 14 1/2 hrs.