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Mex – Qro – Gto – Gdl – Ptz – Pue

10 Days / 09 Nights

Make your choice between three options to start your religious program full of history and Culture, in any of our options you would visit significative temples of the mexican culture including the Tepeyac Hill where the apparitions took place to Juan Diego, then we will continue to San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, San Juan de los Lagos, Zapopan, Patzcuaro and Morelia where we will visit the most important cathedrals and sanctuaries. 



Welcome at the international airport of Mexico city and transfer to your hotel. Overnight.


Today begins our great pilgrimage going to the most important sanctuary of our journey: The basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe. Our day starts visiting the square of three cultures and the parish of Santiago Tlatelolco famed for being the seat of the first archbishop of Mexico and where the Indian Juan Diego took the flowers that miraculously created the image of our lady of Guadalupe, that we will visit afterwards at its basilica, on the main altar, where will take mass and communion, and our companion priest will lead a programmed mass in one of the chapels. We will also visit the first hermitage, the Indian Chapel, the holy water well chapel, the original Basilica and the Tepeyac hill, where the apparitions took place to the Indian Juan Diego, and the flowers were given to him to take to the first archbishop of Mexico. The visit will take all morning since it’s the main highlight of our journey; the rest of the day will be to visit the town of Tulpetlac and its church built where Juan Diego was raised, the Acolman monastery, which is one of the first built in America in the XVI century, in order to admire its facade and its impressive structure; we will also visit the world renown Archaeological City of Teotihuacán and its incredible pyramids of the Sun and the moon. Lunch (not included) at the pyramids return to Mexico city. Overnight.


Mexico city tour, driving through its modern and ancient avenues, streets and squares in order to visit the national metropolitan cathedral, the national palace and the city hall, all located at the “Zocalo” or main square of the city, that is the heart of our nation; we will also take a panoramic visit to the “Templo Mayor” archaeological excavations and its Guatemala street and its hundreds of religious articles stores; the church and square of Santo Domingo (Saint Dominic), the first university and the seat of the holy inquisition back to the colonial times; we will also visit the San Francisco and la Profesa churches from the XVI century and drive through Tacuba street to admire its ancient buildings, squares and monuments, the square of Santa Veracruz (Holy Cross) and its leaning churches and stop at San Hipolito (Saint Hipolite) parish church for a visit and see its famous image of San Judas Tadeo (Saint Judas Tadeous), that has converted it to be the second most important and most visited religious place in the city after the Guadalupe basilica.

We will continue our journey through the modern Pink Zone or Zona Rosa and Polanco districts that are full of restaurants, bars, stores and night entertainment; go through Chapultepec park and its world renown museums and onto Insurgentes boulevard considered to be the longest avenue in town, going by the Siqueiros Poliforum, the Insurgentes theater to see its famous mural paintings until we reach colonial San Angel Distric for a visit to El   Carmen parish church and its religious colonial arts museum and beautiful world renown colonial San Jacinto Square, The Chimalistac chapel, all from the XVI century; our journey continues to the university and its mural    paintings accomplished by some of the most famous Mexican artists, The Cuicuilco archaeological zone and its rounded pyramid and then Onto Xochimilco: the Aztec floating gardens for a Prehispanic boat ride and a visit to the XVI century san Bernardino Monastery. Continue to Coyoacan through colonial and cobble stone roads to one of the most famous conquerors residential areas and its XVI century San Juan Bautista (Saint John The Baptist) parish church and Santa Catalina (Saint Catherine) church to admire its premises and paintings. Overnight.


Today our pilgrimage leads us to San Miguel de los Milagros and its holy water from its well. we will visit the grotto where the Archangel Michael appeared; we will also visit the archaeological city of Cacaxtla. Our journey continues to Tlaxcala city to visit the basilica of our lady of Ocotlan, very much venerated by Mexican people and from abroad since she appeared here and was miraculously stamped in a tree trunk. The Tlaxcala city will also be visited; return to Mexico city. Overnight.


The day starts with a visit to colonial Tepotzotlan and its San Francisco Xavier (Saint Francis Xavier) temple considered being as one of the most impressive baroque buildings built in Mexico. We will also visit the monastery and its Religious colonial art museum. On the way we will take a short stop to Cuautitlan and its chapel where the virgin also appeared to Juan Diego’s  uncle; we’ll continue to San Juan del Rio and Queretaro City, considered to be one of the most amazing colonial cities, visiting its avenues, squares, mansions, its aqueduct, its unforgettable churches, convents and opal and jewelry shops; at night we will visit the main square for dinner, shopping and great atmosphere. overnight.


Continue our journey to historical San Miguel de Allende, where we will admire its mansions, convents, monasteries and churches dating back from the colonial times which all are full of history. We will take a stroll to visit to its Neolithic parish church and its hundreds of handicrafts stores through its cobble stone streets. Our next visit is Guanajuato City, that centuries ago were one of the most important mining centers of the world. we will ride through its underground avenues that cross the entire city, squares, theaters, mansions and impressive churches decorated on baroque style as well as the mine of la Valenciana and its beautiful temple and the church of Villaseca that is the most visited and venerated sanctuary of Guanajuato; a visit to the basilica of our lady of Guanajuato to worship her will also be accomplished on our downtown walking tour; overnight.


Today we will visit one of the most important highlights of our pilgrimage: The Basilica of our Lady San Juan de los Lagos which is the second most important and most worshiped sanctuary of our country. Meet thousands and thousands of pilgrims that come here everyday and feel that incredible faith, energy and power that surrounds its premises. En route, we will go by the great statue of “Christ the King” at the very geographical center of Mexico and a stop for shoe and leather shopping at Leon city; continue in the late afternoon to  Guadalajara city; at night visit to wonderful Tlaquepaque to see and listen its Mariachi bands. Overnight.


Welcome to the land of the Mariachis, Tequila, Charros (Mexican Cowboys), traditions and craftsmen. Our journey includes the visit to the famous basilica of our lady of Zapopan, that is the most important and worshiped sanctuary of Jalisco. see people walking on their knees and asking or paying favors to the Zapopan virgin; feel that great faith and love people have to her; we will have time to take mass, pray and worship her. Our program also includes a visit to the Guadalajara cathedral to take mass; the main square, its colonial buildings, majestic boulevards, squares and monuments; in the afternoon a visit to the handicrafts headquarters in Tlaquepaque; listen to the Mariachi music at its main square and enjoy this shopping spree. Overnight.


From modern Guadalajara, we leave for Patzcuaro Indian City; en route we will pass by many Indian communities until we reach Tzin Tzun Tzan town, which was one of the most important gospel teaching and Convention monasteries back to the XVI century and worship Its Miraculous Growing Christ Image, that we will visit as well as the Yacatas archaeological zone that is also located in these premises. We will continue our program to beautiful Patzcuaro lake and a visit to this Indian City once the capital city of Michoacan state; We will visit the ancient and former cathedral of our lady of good health for prayers and worshiping, the eleven patio crafts house, its cobble streets, squares and Indian markets are included. Overnight.


The day starts driving through beautiful landscapes until we reach Morella: the candy city, the city of great history and magnificent architecture, since it was built by Spanish conquerors; here we will visit one of the most beautiful cathedrals of Mexico, where we will take mass and prayers, the chapel of our lady of Guadalupe, fully decorated in an impressive baroque style and covered by gold leaf, all done by Indian hands; also enjoy its aqueduct, its amazing colonial buildings, squares and boulevards, that are representative of a bygone era. take a walk and enjoy the colonial Clavijero palace and its hundreds of typical candy and crafts stores. Our journey continues to Toluca city for a panoramic visit and then onto the majestic Desierto de los Leones monastery, located in the middle of a forest, which was built by Dominican friars back to the colonial times; enjoy these premises, visits its museum and dungeons. On the way back, we will visit the New Mexico city: driving through Santa Fe financial, educational and residential complexes as well as Bosques de las Lomas residential and Financial Districts and Reforma boulevard.


Direct transfer to the airport to take your flight back home.end of our pilgrimage


Time to take your last shopping or sightseeing. Overnight.


Departure transfer to take your flight back home. end of our pilgrimage.



Our program starts approaching the everlasting snow capped mountains: Popocatepetl and Ixtaccihuatl, that we will admire in a close and safe area, from a possible eruption, Since this volcano is active. The first stop will be at the Indian town of San Martin Texmelucan and its Indian Crafts exhibition center. From there our next visit wil be at the historical and apple cider producer town of Huejotzingo, where we will also visit one of the most impressive monasteries ever built by the first Franciscan friars that came to Mexico; our journey continues to Cholula or the city of 365 churches, since it has one for each day and all were built by the colonial times; here we will see the San Gabriel (Saint Gabriel) parish that resembles a mesquite.  Cholula is also the house of a great Toltec archaeological city that keeps the larget   pyramid in the world, that we will visit; on the way to Puebla, we`ll stop at Santa Maria Tonantzintla and San Francisco Acatepec Indian communities Parish Churches to admire the incredible baroque plaster Indian work  built in them and fully covered by gold leave and its facades beautifully decorated by Talavera Indian tiles, all built in the colonial times. As we reach Puebla City we will be delighted by its majestic colonial Arquitecture; this was a city built and inhabited by the Spanish conquerors. we`ll see its magnificient cathedral, the Santo Domingo (Saint Dominic Parish) church and its chapel of the rosary virgin, considered to be the viiith wonder of the art world. the main square, the hidden convent of  Santa Monica (Saint Monica), which operated secretly and was accidentally discovered in 1934. And the highlight of our visit to  Puebla is the visit to “Our Lord of Wonders” which is visited by thousands of people everyday, since he has given many miracles and people has a very strong worshiping and faith to him. Time for onyx and Talavera shopping that are native to this Aerea; return to Mexico City. Overnight.


Breakfast. Today we will enjoy the flavor of the mountain range, in the morning we will go to San Andrés Buenavista 40 minutes from Tlaxco to see its impressive church in the shape of a boat, very original both in its architecture and in its decoration with pre-Hispanic motifs, dedicated to San Andrés Apóstol, known as La Barca de la Fe, its bell tower is a huge lighthouse, which communicates with the boat by a bridge with feathered serpents on its rails, on the top floor you will find what is properly the temple, fully covered made of wood and with a capacity for 4,500 people. We will take a tour through the patios of the Xochuca farm, where we will learn the secrets of the Maguey “Tree of Wonders” and we will continue to Tlaxco Pueblo Mágico for its religious syncretism, an example of how faith transcends beyond time and culture. Its magic comes from the ingenuity and skill of its people, who with their hands create beautiful decorative pieces and delicious artisan cheeses, which have given regional fame to this unique town in the Tlaxcala mountains at the end we will visit a silver workshop where design earrings are made. Return to Mexico City and overnight.


Departure transfer to take your flight back home. End of our pilgrimage.