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¿Why some programs don’t have prices?

Program prices apply to individual reservations, if some program doesn’t have price, it’s necessary to request a group quote, this apply since 10 passengers. At the beginning of each descriptive of the programs, is indicated if it requires quote. If this is the case, ask the quote to the email

¿Why I can’t login to the hotels information? ¿Can I login with the same keys that I have for

The hotels rates and information are only available on the platform, to login is necessary have the exclusive keys for that web page. If you don’t have keys for that web page, you can send an email to  or, an executive will indicate you the process to get your login keys.

For the services request and purchase, ¿Up to what age is considered minor?

– Up to 2 years is considered infant and they don’t have cost

– Is considered child since 3 years to 10 years

In case of any different other indication about to minors, the programs and tours say it in their descriptive.

¿What’s the meaning of the letters which indicate the type of include meals on the services?

L – Lunch 

D – Dinner

EP – Without meals

CB – Continental Breakfast

AB – American Breakfast

BB – Buffet Breakfast

BE – Buffet Express breakfast

MAP – Breakfast and Dinner 

FAP – Breakfast, lunch and Dinner

SAI – Semi All Inclusive

AI – All Inclusive

¿Do the prices of all the services are per person? ¿Do the prices of the circuits are for room?

The prices of all the services in are per person.

¿Which is the minimum of passengers to operate a service?

The services operate with a minimum of 2 passengers, except if some service indicate another minimum.

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