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MAZATLÁN. In the nearby state of Nayarit there is an island located between rivers, swamps and estuary called Mexcaltitan, cradle of the Aztec civilization that left here in 1089, know this unique place in Mexico known as the Venice of Mexico because the streets flood during the rainy season or during a hidden tide.

The natives are used to living in a circular island that seems an impossible place to live to see the deep river that covers any access to the island by land … you will also visit the city of Santiago Ixcuintla where you can see the colorful tile murals that They describe the history of Mexico through the passing of the years.

Includes: bottled water, beer and soft drinks on the bus. Lunch at the restaurant La Isla (without drinks)

Minimum 08 passengers

Operation: 2,4

Duration: 12 hrs

Schedule: 06:30 hrs